Mauritian investors are keen to commit their funds into Zimbabwe in key areas such as energy and manufacturing, which they hope to explore with their Zimbabwean counterparts in a scheduled visit by the local delegation to Mauritius at the end of this month.

The impending visit to Mauritius by the local delegation comprising officials from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, ZIMTRADE, ZNCC and the RBZ, provides an important  scope for Zimbabwe to draw important lessons into best  practices on trade facilitation and enhanced business communication which will improve the country’s investment status.

“The Mauritian experience premised on a thriving financial services sector opens a further platform for Zimbabwe to build on this conduit and translate this performance into its own economic agenda,” ZNCC CEO, Mr Christopher Mugaga said.

With a thriving sugar industry that has sustained its economic growth, Mauritius could be a pedestal for local sugar producers to grow their export footprint.

The timing of the Zimbabweans’ visit coincides with the growing interest by Mauritian business leaders on the country, amid revelations that a number of investors from that market are mulling strategic linkages in various sectors of the economy.

“Many investors from my country are scouting for opportunities in Zimbabwe and it is a matter of time before they come in,” said Mr Dev Chamroo, a Mauritian Investment and Trade Senior Consultant.

Mauritius’ interest on Zimbabwe became more visible in 2014 during a symposium hosted in Harare, which exposed the possible areas of investment in energy, manufacturing and the pharmaceuticals sector.