Sungura musician Tedious Matsito has discovered a new passion after a spate of misfortunes that left him disabled.

The musician is back in action but this time not in music but in tobacco farming.

Matsito is one the famous sungura voices who rose to fame in the late 90s and those who know him can always sing along one of his greatest hits, ‘Gede Mwana Gede’.

It was in 2012 when disaster struck, the sungura maestro and his group were involved in an accident on their way back from a foreign trip that left the Ngwenya Brothers leader with an amputated leg.

This was to be followed by another misfortune as Matsito suffered a mild stroke which almost rendered him speechless and destroyed his music career.

‘Toughness is in the soul and spirit and not in muscles they say’, Matsito has defeated these misfortunes and the man is back on the radar this time as a tobacco farmer in Rusape, thanks to the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board which availed inputs to the Matsito family.

Brave fighters do not give up instead they stand on their last limb and call for another battle.

Matsito is one of them who claimed his space on stage and now in agriculture where his thriving tobacco crop proved that he can be a force to reckon with if given more land and inputs support.