given matapure.jpgHuman remains found at the Harare Agriculture show grounds last year in November, wrapped with three year old boy, Given Flint Matapure’s clothes, are reported to be mixed bones of a child and an adult.

It is now almost five months after three-year old Given went missing at the 2011 edition of the Harare Agriculture Show.

Seven weeks ago, remains which were believed to belong to Given were found near the Show grounds and were taken by police for tests as part of investigations.

However, information gathered by ZBC News show that the remains that are under the microscope are not of one person as some of the bones are of an adult.

Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendant Oliver Mandipaka could neither confirm nor deny the latest details, but said investigations are still underway.

On the 14th of November last year, Given Flint Matapure’s family positively identified a pair of trousers, a belt and sunglasses found together with the remains.

This raised speculations that the remains might be those of the missing three-year old boy.

However, recent revelations have cast doubt on the theory.

It is now back to speculation once again as to whether the boy is alive somewhere or has been killed.

Meanwhile, DNA tests are yet to be conducted on the bones.