missing given flint matapure.jpgAmidst all the efforts that have been made in search of the missing boy, Given Flint Matapure, members of the public have expressed outrage over the many so-called prophets who despite claiming to know everything, have not come forward to assist the Matapure family.

This week marks exactly a month since young Given Flint Matapure disappeared.


Given Matapure went missing during the Harare Agricultural Show. Days have turned into weeks and Given’s family keeps hoping that they are going to see their little boy coming back home.


Amid the tears and the sleepless nights, one is bound to ask, where are those prophets who normally claim that God will show them anything?

Zimbabweans say, if there are genuine prophets in the country, then at least one of the hundreds of thousands who claim to have access to God’s power should come forward and simply tell the nation where the boy is.

While Zimbabweans might appear to be too harsh on these so- called men of God, one cannot help but share their thoughts.


With reports that some prophets are in habit of even telling people their ID numbers, cellphone numbers while doing other amazing things, no one has come forward to offer a message of hope to the Matapure family.

Maybe, the tears of the Matapure family may have been not enough to convince the hard-core criminals who took the innocent boy to release him.


But the tears and prayers of the whole nation should surely move God’s heart.


Meanwhile, the Junior Parliament of Zimbabwe has made a passionate appeal to authorities to give top priority towards the search of 3 year old Given.

A sorrowful atmosphere engulfed the Matapure home in Waterfalls this Tuesday morning when Child Parliamentarians and members of the Zimbabwe Youth Council visited the family.

The child parliamentarians were carrying placards demanding a safer Zimbabwe for children and called for more action in the search for the missing toddler.

Child President, Anesu Rangwani said responsible authorities should put maximum effort and avail as much human resource as possible in the search for Given Flint Matapure.

Mrs. Wengesai Matapure who struggled to speak through sobs said she felt comforted knowing that her son’s disappearance has become a national cause while appealing to anyone with information to assist the family.

Given went missing on the 22nd of August after visiting the exhibition park with his 15-year old sister and the family maid.

Police say investigations are still going on while observers have called upon children’s organisations and even prophets to assist the family as they feel not enough has been done to mount a national search.