Matandara also known as Zvigugu housing and storage structures have remained important historical structures in rural Chipinge which serves multipurposes.

African civilisation has undergone massive evolution but Matandara are part of architectural technology that has stood the test of time in Chipinge were they have remained a common feature especially among the Ndau and Shangani tribes. 

The two tier buildings constructed mainly with wood and mud speak of the origins of modern day high rising buildings and here the dandara serves multipurposes as a house and as a food storage facility.

Sekuru Thabukani Petros Parafini and his four wives and 32 children reside in Chibuwe and their dandara is strategically situated at the centre of his homestead and he said it holds the supplies which he distributes to his wives once their rations run out.

Sekuru Shupai Mabika and Mbuya Shorai Fafa noted dandara or chigugu are important in preserving food and seed while also acting as a safe haven for people from wild animals.

Historian Sifelani Tonje said dandara or chigugu is proof that Africans had their own ways of preserving seed and grain even before colonisation.

The functions and historical significance of matandara makes them an important structure in an African rural set up and are still very popular among the Ndau and Shangani people.