ms editor matamisa.jpgMDC-T House of Assembly for Kadoma Central, Ms Editor Matamisa stunned fellow legislators when she said white minority farmers should have been left occupying vast tracts of fertile land at the expense of the indigenous people while debating a motion on national healing in the August House.

Responding to a motion on national healing, cohesion and unity in respect of victims of the Global Political Agreement, Ms Matamisa surprised even some of her fellow MDC-T legislators who benefitted from the land reform and drew the ire of some Zanu PF legislators when she implied that the white minority farmers should have been left on the farms that their forefathers forcibly took from indigenous people.

It was a bad day in office for MDC-T legislators as Lucia Matibenga once again repeated the now boring cliché of denying the existence of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, preferring to call them restrictive measures.

Despite the West admitting to imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe, the MDC-T has continued to openly deny their existence and in doing so have authenticated claims that the party cannot make independent decisions unless prescribed by its western handlers.

On a positive note, legislators from across the political divide unanimously agreed to stop the blame game when it comes to political violence.

The inclusive government has already established an organ of national healing, reconciliation and integration, a body that has been tasked with ensuring that Zimbabweans co-exist in harmony despite political and ideological differences.