Matabeleland South Province has been allocated $300 000 for the construction of weirs to harvest rain water as part of efforts to assist communities and animals with the precious liquid.

The province, which falls under ecological region four and five, receives little rainfall and needs the support of water harvesting methods to deal with perennial shortage of the life serving liquid.

In his presentation in Umzingwane recently, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) CEO, Dr Jefter Sakupwanya, said the province has been allocated funding for the construction of small dams that are critical to the lives of people especially in the dry regions of the country.

“Small dams are critical in the underground water recharge system to raise the water table for the benefit of those that are using boreholes for their water provision. So the rain water harvesting programme will be supported by the drilling of boreholes to ensure that all communities have access to water,” he said.

Dr Sakupwanya’s sentiments were echoed by the Minister of State for Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs, Cde Abednico Ncube, who thanked government for investing in bulk water harvesting systems like dams.

Matabeleland South Province had a number of dams destroyed by floods with Gwanda district being one of the worst affected.

Water remains critical to the sustenance of life and the proposed investment in irrigation infrastructure could be the turning point in Matabeleland South in terms of self-sufficiency in food production through irrigation farming.