Matabeleland North Province has postured itself as the country’s power and energy hub through the Hwange Thermal Power Station and the proposed Batoka Hydro Power Project development will boost the economy of the province under a devolved governance system.

Government has finally decided to implement the constitutional provision pertaining to the devolution of power and Matabeleland North Province has three economic clusters that will propel it into a blue chip province.

This was said by Vice President Constantino Chiwenga when he interacted with the Nkayi community during a Zanu PF campaign rally.

He said the province that is currently nurturing a $1.5 billion Hwange Thermal Power Expansion investment project also has huge deposits of coal bed methane gas that are yet to be exploited and the proposed Batoka Hydro Power Project has established it as the country’s power hub a big boost for its economy under the devolution process that is set to take effect from August this year.

Vice President Chiwenga said income generated from provinces will first serve the interests of the province with a small fraction being remitted to the national coffers to empower people and communities in their provinces.

“Matabeleland North has vast resources it is the country’s energy and power hub given the expanded thermal power generation at Hwange which has seen an additional investment of $1.5 billion but also there is the methane gas in Lupane and the Batoka Project that we are doing with Zambia, so under the devolution of power this province is the most economic in the country and we want those resources to develop people here,” he said.

He also stated that the province is the most economically viable in the country given that it is also the tourism hub with the Victoria Falls and the wild life resource that supports the lucrative hunting safari industry and has been designated the financial capital of the country.

“This province has vast opportunities in tourism, you have Victoria Falls and the wildlife resources but also you have been declared the country’s financial capital so your economy has a strong base and you must develop yourselves from this,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

The devolution of power is the second tier of the state as stated in the Constitution and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s implementation of this constitutional provision will begin this August.