The completion of the Gwayi – Shangani Dam has been described as important for the development of Matabeleland North Province and the country at large.

The 700 million cubic metre project, currently said to be 34% complete, is set to produce a green belt along its pipeline.

With the province already boasting of other natural resources such as methane gas and timber, the dam that comes with a 10mw power station, a water pump and other important  structures falls in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s quest to resuscitate the economy through programmes like command agriculture, according to the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Province, Cde Richard Moyo.

Under the devolution of power legislation, each province will be given a target to achieve a certain GDP, with Matabeleland North set to have a head start through the Gwayi – Shangani dam project that is also expected to alleviate the Bulawayo water challenges.

Work has currently been stepped up with concentration on the erection of the 72 metre dam wall.

The dam covers three districts in Hwange, Lupane and Binga and has a catchment of 38 000 square kilometres which will see around 300 families being relocated to pave way for its completion that is expected for December 2019.