no to sanctions.jpgZanu PF Matebeleland North says it is in full support of the Anti Sanctions Campaign in which over 6 million people are expected to sign the petition against illegal sanctions.

The province’s Acting Chairperson, Cde Zwelitsha Masuku, said the programme will be aimed at forcing Britain and America to remove illegal sanctions imposed on the country.

“We want to have signatures of over 6 million people in the petition against sanctions and give Britain and America an ultimatum. We shall also be holding provincial demonstrations, but we will be giving you those details when everything is set,” said Cde Masuku.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Zanu PF Provincial Co-ordinating Committee Meeting for Matebeleland North in Lupane, Cde Masuku also called on the public to come out in full force and support the party`s position in the Referendum.

He commended the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, for rolling out the Indigenous and Economic Empowerment programme to previously disadvantaged Zimbabweans.

“He has actually empowered the ordinary Zimbabweans who had been disadvantaged for a long time by the former colonial master.

He has given us land; he has given us economic empowerment that is mines etc.

“As Mat North, we actually thank the President and the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, for giving maize seed to all Zimbabweans. If you come to our farming areas you will see the fruits of what the President has already done. May God bless him,” he said.

The meeting saw various departments reporting back on how they are progressing on the resolutions made in previous meetings as well as the Annual People`s Conference which was held in Mutare in December last year.


Meanwhile, Harare South House of Assembly Member, Cde Hubert Nyanhongo has told people in his constituency to get ready for the anti-sanctions campaign that will seek to collect 2 million signatures for a petition to be presented to western governments on behalf of all Zimbabweans.


Cde Nyanhongo urged people gathered for a feedback meeting in his constituency over the weekend to join hands when the campaign is launched as sanctions have resulted in the suffering of the majority of Zimbabweans.


Cde Nyanhongo also encouraged the electorate in his constituency to be on the alert as elections will be held this year in line with party resolutions made during the Zanu PF People’s Conference held in Mutare last month.


“All those without identity documents should get them as soon as possible so that they register on the voter’s roll,” he said.


He added that despite the continued existence of illegal sanctions, Cde Nyanhongo said Zanu PF has come out stronger through its indigenisation and empowerment policies that have given land to over 300 000 Zimbabwean families and introduced legislation that give local black Zimbabwean at a least 51% stake in all businesses capitalised to the tune of US$500 000 or more.