Masvingo City Council continues to dump waste at a site that was condemned four years ago, exposing residents in surrounding areas risk of diseases.

The residents of Victoria Range are forced to stay with their windows closed at all times. 

The residents said they are in a difficult predicament as the flies are a constant feature in their homes. 

Their appeal is for council to decommission the dump site as they are being exposed to risk of contracting diseases.

Currently, waste is being dumped right on the surface, following the filling up of the site.

Masvingo Mayor, Councillor Hubert Fidze said while they condemned the site four years back, they have been facing difficulties in acquiring new land.

“We have been hitting a stumbling block in our quest to acquire an alternative place to dispose the waste. We had been allocated land by their parent ministry but that same land was sold to someone else,” he said.

Councillor Fidze said they are currently working on acquiring a new land fill, but he was quick to point out that this will not happen overnight as there are processes to be followed.