The number of cars using urban roads has increased tremendously resulting in traffic jam prompting motorists to urge the responsible authorities to look into the issue as a matter of urgency.

Traffic congestion especially during rush hours when private cars and commuters race to get into the CBD in time have caused additional stress to the urban populace.

Motorists who spoke to the ZBC News said there is need for responsible authorities to rectify the challenge as most of the roads were done to cater for lesser volumes of traffic.

Private vehicle owners blame it on the commuter omnibus operators whilst the public transport operators shoulder the blame onto the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Contacted for comment, City of Harare spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said that they are looking into the matter devising a transport masterplan that will introduce the solutions to the current traffic jam problem.

Finding a solution to traffic congestion could mean an enormous improvement in the quality of life.

Among some of the new measures include the introduction of ring-roads and park and ride packades.

Mr Chideme said the council will introduce ring-roads, pedestrian malls and packades, among other measures.

The issue of traffic lights synchronisation will also be looked into, according to Mr Chideme.

Traffic jam in Harare has become a common burden for drivers, unless one wakes up before dawn and drives to work when the roads are virtually empty.

Motorists from places that include Chitungwiza, Ruwa and Borrowdale will testify on how they are forced to spend hours for a trip to town that should otherwise take less than 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, South Africa recently introduced the gautrain which moves faster than cars which led workers to abandon their cars for the new mode of transport.