housing cooperatives.jpgThe government has intensified identification of state and municipal land for massive housing development under the command housing programme in Manicaland.

In an interview with ZBC News, Manicaland Public Works Department Director, Mr Tendai Chiwanza highlighted that they are adopting the ‘going up’ concept in Mutare since land is a finite resource against a growing urban population.

“We realised we do not have enough land for housing projects as Manicaland is mountainous so we are going to adopt the ‘going up’ concept of high rise buildings. It is a concept which might seem foreign but it is quite applicable,” said Mr Chiwanza.

“Land for the construction of high rise accommodation has been availed by the city council in the high density residential area of Dangamvura and more land has been earmarked for the same projects in Sakubva and Chikanga.

Mr Chiwanza revealed that his department has surpassed the five-year housing plan target set at 22 000 housing projects for the year end under their five year master plan.

“We are pleased to have surpassed our set target. We were working against a target of 5 000 projects a year which has seen us accomplishing nearly 25 000 housing projects in the province by September. And this is a major achievement on the part of the department,” Mr Chiwanza added.

The Department of Public Works is yet to receive new targets which will fall under the newly introduced command housing programme.