Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede and former ZMDC chairman Mr Godwills Masimirembwa

Former Chairman of the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) Mr Godwills Masimirembwa has appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy.

Mr Masimirembwa says it is not possible for the country to have mined diamonds worth US$15 billion to date at Chiadzwa.

“It is impossible for the country to have lost US$15 billion, there is no geological report on the mining taking place and there is no Kimberling mining taking place in Marange diamond fields. 

“We were selling the potential to the joint venture partners.  Alluvial diamonds are mostly industrial and of poor quality at most they were fetching US$100 per carat.

He said companies were expected to do exploration and go into Kimberlite diamonds and by the time he left ZMDC no exploration had taken place. 

Meanwhile, Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede has also appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence and Security today.

Mr Mudede disclosed that an alarming 1.7 million people have since been reported dead since 2013.

“According to the records that i have here, about 1.7 million have died since 2013 which is from 5 years ago to date,” he said.

Parliamentarians raised a number of concerns pertaining the challenges citizens are encountering in accessing birth certificate and national identification cards which the Registrar General said children can obtain birth certificates using their mother’s surnames.

“Children can use their mother’s identification particulars to attain birth certificates and IDs and once they have resolved their issues with their parents (father) they can come and we re-register tham using the supplied information,” said Mr Mudede.

The committee meeting was attended by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Mr Melusi Machiya and senior officials from the Department of the Registrar General’s office.