The 51st edition of the Mashonaland East Agricultural Show roared into life with the Traditional African Village Exhibition known as the Msasa stealing the limelight.

The Msasa Exhibition which depicts the life of a rural African family is one of the highlights at the Mashonaland East Agricultural Show with districts that are in the category investing in showing how life has changed over the years.

While the Msasa category used to just have a grass thatched hut things have since changed with new innovations of what a modern rural hut should look like and also include the family’s hygienic issues.

The women who are exhibiting in the Msasa category said the kitchen is a very important part of an African woman as it is part of her identity.

“If you are an African woman and you don’t have a kitchen then you are not complete, a real African woman should have a kitchen as it is part of her identity,”said some of the exhibitors.

Other exhibitors at the annual show which is being held under the theme, “Agriculture as Business” includes agribusiness, service providers, retailers, producers, government departments, educational institutions and farmers.

The official opening will be this Friday (tomorrow) while the main entertainment day is on Saturday with popular sungura musician Alick Macheso expected to be the main attraction.