Water from some public boreholes in Marondera town is contaminated and unsafe for consumption, latest laboratory tests show.

Following the outbreak of cholera in Harare, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in Mashonaland East embarked on a portable water quality assessment in Marondera and collected water samples from 38 points for bacteriological and chemical analysis.

The results from the analysis had shown that none of the 11 public boreholes had any feacal contamination although some corliforms were detected in four boreholes.

Mashonaland East EMA Provincial Manager, Ms Juliet Mavhu said the water from the affected boreholes is not 100 percent safe for human consumption and requires some chemical treatment before use.

The affected boreholes are at Cherutombo, Nyameni Clinic, Marondera hospital entrance and Dombotombo Rugare.

The results come at a time the local authority is left with only a week’s supply of water treatment chemicals.