zoc.jpgThe Zimbabwe Olympic Committee says national sport associations fall short in the marketing aspect and have emphasized the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy if the associations are to attract sponsorship, spectatorship and interest.

The call was made on the sidelines of the 4th module of the 4th intake of the Advanced Sport Management Course held at the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee headquarters over the weekend where participants were taken through an important module on Managing Marketing.


ASMC course facilitator and ZOC board member, Anna Mguni, said the marketing is key for national sport associations especially in their endeavor to source sponsorship, but however expressed concern that most associations struggle on the marketing front.

“Marketing is huge because we need to be able to sell our sports and activities to attract sponsorship, spectatorship and interest, but unfortunately many organisations fall short and I think its an activity participants will take back to their associations to better develop the marketing plan,” said Mguni.

The module on Managing Marketing focused on a diverse number of areas ranging from what can be marketed, managing the quality of products that are to be marketed, sponsorship issues, and communication and developing a marketing strategy among others.