Access to health care in the country`s rural areas still remains a majorĀ  challenge as communities continue to bear the brunt of walking long distances to the nearest health care centre.

In a bid to change this villagers in Budzi area embarked on a project to build a clinic but have now run out of resources to complete the works.

Villagers in wards 17, 18, 20 and 24 under Chief Budzi in Bikita East have a mammoth task as they have to walk over 5 km to access the nearest health care centres in neighbouring wards.

As a response to their challenge the villagers began works to construct Maranganyika Clinic in 2010 but its completion continues to suffer still births due to limited material and financial resources.

The area legislator, Cde Kennedy Matimba who has come in to bail the villagers to this point is now appealing for assistance to have it finally roofed and getting operational.

“On this project I would like to thank the villagers who initiated and started it way back in 2010 before I was the MP here. When I came into office, I helped them in the best way I can since I saw it on foundation level,” he said.

The villagers said they are inspired to complete their clinic as the inconveniences of travelling long distances to the nearest clinic are very costly particularly for pregnant women.

The completion of Maranganyika Clinic will bring relief to the many villagers in the event of emergencies.