elton mangoma.pngEnergy and Power Development Minister, Mr. Elton Mangoma who was arrested for embezzlement has been remanded in custody until the 28th of this month when he is supposed to appear in the High Court.

The MDC-T Minister arrived at the Rotten Row Magistrate Courts mid-morning escorted by plain clothes detectives.

In the trial, Chief Law Officer, Chris Mutangadura represented the State while the defence council was led by Selby Hwacha.

Mr. Mangoma is being accused of criminal abuse of duty as a public officer and contravening procurement regulations.

This is alleged to have occurred in January this year when the country was hit by a fuel crisis.

He is alleged to have breached the established procurement procedure by illegally ordering his subordinates to procure diesel from a South African company, NOOA Petroleum, without going to tender.

Presiding over the case, Harare Provincial Magistrate, Mr. Mishrod Guvamombe ruled that the issue of bail application is a prerogative of the High Court as the magistrate’s court has no jurisdiction to preside over such serious matters. 

Mr. Mangoma’s only reprieve was when his lawyer Selby Hwacha’s request for him to be allowed to wear long prisoners’ garb due to medical problems was granted.

The MDC-T Minister will remain in remand prison awaiting trial by the High Court scheduled for the 28th of March.