The treachery of a Mabvuku businessman has brought sorrow to a communal farmer who is said to have been sleeping in the man’s butchery for almost five days now waiting for payment for a beast he sold him.

Vavi Rashirai (49) from Gokwe is regretting the day he sold his beast priced at $300 to a Mabvuku butchery owner.

After making a follow up on his payment, Rashirai was advised he can only be paid his dues in instalments of $50 daily, a promise that has not been fulfilled.

With no known relatives in Harare, the Gokwe communal farmer was offered to sleep in the butchery by employees of the man who owes him.

So for the past five nights, the humming sounds of freezing refridgerators, have kept him company in the night, sleeping on naked floors and with no blanket.

Mabvuku residents have expressed dismay at the actions of the business owner and called on him to honour his obligations.

The ZBC News tried to contact the business owner who is alleged to have driven off when he heard this news crew was looking for him.

The mobile number provided by the victim also went unanswered the whole day.

According to the Public Health Act, food premises must adhere to stipulated regulations and putting up in a butchery poses health risks.