court.jpgThe 24 year old Crowborough man Moses Bwawa who is facing charges of raping a four year old girl has appeared before a Harare Magistrate Mr. Peter Kumbawa.


Bwawa who has pleaded guilty to the rape charges alleges that he was prescribed by a self styled prophet to rape a child in order to get rich.


Bwawa has apologized to the family of the victim in court.


However, the state led by Mr Cuthbert Mukandiri said the accused requires a long custodial sentence since the damage has caused emotional and physical damage to the child.


The child is alleged to have sustained bruises and a swollen lip as a result of the force he used on the child during the commission of the offence.


It is the state case that Bwawa kidnapped the four year old girl from her home after offering her a cycle ride.


He is further alleged to have assaulted the child before raping her.


In interviews with ZBC News, emotional residence called for stiffer penalties on convicted child abusers.