harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgA Harare man, Chrispen Maurukira, who escaped death by a whisker after being shot by a police officer Nqobile Vuma, has refused restitution for his medical bills after being visibly angered by the lenient sentence passed by Harare Magistrate Morgan Nemadire.

Maurukira stunned the court when soon after Magistrate Nemadire passed a wholly suspended sentence on Vuma, he raised his hand and expressed his disgruntlement with the ruling.

Maurukira, who was visibly disappointed by the sentence passed on the accused, told the court that if Vuma is to pay the money, it should instead be given to the state.

He argued that he had soldiered on under difficult times after being shot by the accused and had not received any help from Vuma.

Magistrate Nemadire had initially sentenced Vuma to 5 years in prison but suspended 3 years for 5 years and further suspended 2 more years on condition that he pays US$649 to Maurukira to cover for his medical bills which he had incurred.

Maurukira showed his bitterness to the country’s justice delivery system, saying the court should have come up with a deterrent sentence, adding that the court has trivialised the case.

Vuma was facing two counts of attempted murder after he shot Chrispen Maurukira and Rueben Chipindura, with the former reportedly spending 5 days in a comma.