court.jpgA 36 year old Rusape man Lovemore Madiziyao who is facing charges of armed robbery has filed a High Court bail application.



 Madiziyao is alleged to have supplied a gun to robbers who pounced on a Nyanga ZB Bank and later shot dead a police detective Sergeant Joseph Maximus.


In his bail application through his lawyer Mr. Obey Zimbodza of Musunga and associates, Madiyiziyao claims that he was not part of the armed robbery.


Madiziyao alleges that he gave the now deceased John Teremayi his fire arm after a request in which he claimed that he wanted to safeguard his property.


The applicant further stated that he assisted the police in apprehending the now deceased Teremayi saying the fact that he cooperated with the police indicate that he is not an accomplice.


The case of the Nyanga armed robbery drew a lot of attention from the public after the alleged robbers shot and killed a police officer detective sergeant Joseph Maximus.


The perpetrators were however arrested by CID homicide officers within a short space of time.