harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgA 21 year old Harare man, Denis Nleya has pleaded guilty to defrauding Telone of millions of dollars through the use of clone phone lines.


It is the state case that between June and September this year, Denis Nleya duplicated Telone CDMA lines after gaining access to the company’s server using a password number which belongs to Jama.com holdings.


Jama is contracted by Telone to configure its lines.


The accused is alleging that he was given the password by his friend Rodgers Gwenjere who used to work for Jama holdings.


Gwenjere is now at large.


The accused is alleged to have bought equipment to enable him to configure the lines and access the server at Telone where he could pick any line from the company’s subscriber list and duplicate it.


Nleya is alleged to have sold the duplicated lines at $100 each.


It has been established that those who would have bought the lines were phoning at no cost with their bills being directed to genuine owners of the lines.


The case was discovered after some Telone clients whose lines had been disconnected received shocking bills from the service provider and investigations were instituted leading to the arrest of Nleya.


The state represented by Mr. Michael Reza said the accused must be given a custodial sentence saying his actions have a potential to prejudice the parastatal millions of dollars.