A 20-year old man from Mashonga village in Zvipani beheaded his blood sister yesterday in a ritual murder.

Police spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

Isaac Mashonga is said to have been promised US$4000 by a local businessman if he brought a human’s head with which he wanted to boost his business.

Mushonga then chopped off his sister’s head after killing her with an axe at around 2.am on Friday.

He later used an axe and a knife to decapitate the head.

He delivered the head to the businessman who first kept it in a parked car before instructing the alleged murderer to take the head into a nearby bush some 80 metres from the businessman’s premises.

Mashonga was later arrested after he was spotted in a blood drenched t-shirt.

The body of the deceased, 40-year old Dadirai Mashonga is at Karoi hospital mortuary.

Chief Superintendent Nyathi warned business persons against causing unnecessary death of people for ritual purposes.

In other shocking incidents, a skeleton of a 36-year old man and a decomposing body of his 80 year old father were found in two different huts at Melusi village in Mhondoro.

Chief Superintendent Nyathi confirmed the incidents and said investigations are still underway.

The skeleton is of a man who died in April while the father died in July.

Sources said the 36-old James Phiri fell sick in April and told his relatives not to bury him as he would resurrect later.

He also instructed relatives not to bury his father either, as they would resurrect together.

The skeleton and decomposing body were discovered by police after a tip off from an anonymous informant.