domestic violence 18.05.11.jpgA Chitungwiza woman is battling for life at Chitungwiza hospital after she was allegedly assaulted severely by her husband following a dispute over ownership of a house alleged to have been built by the woman.

When ZBC News crew visited Chitungwiza hospital where the woman, Rosemary Chale, is receiving treatment, she was groaning in pain, but managed to explain her ordeal to the media.

Chale  who is an employee at Steel Waters alleges that she was assaulted following a dispute in which the husband was allegedly forcing her to change ownership of a stand she bought using her own money.

She says she was willing to change ownership only if they had entered into a registered marriage, but the husband, a marriage officer by profession, is alleged to have been reluctant to do so.

Journalists from the various media houses had to run for their lives after the suspect, Gorden Tsuro hired a gang that threatened the scribes with unspecified action if they went ahead to publish the domestic violence story.

domestic violence- stitched leg.jpgThe journalists had visited his Chitungwiza home to get his side of the story.

49 year old Gorden Tsuro who is employed as a marriage officer at the Registrar General’s office, is reported to have assaulted his 41 year old wife, Rosemary on the 16th of this month following a dispute over the ownership of a house.

The incident comes barely a week after Wallen Chiwawa; a lawyer from the Attorney General’s office is alleged to have assaulted his wife, burnt her with a hot iron and allegedly raped her.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson, Inspector James Sabau said Tsuro was arrested this Wednesday afternoon and will face charges of contravening the Domestic Violence Act.