Sometimes they say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it, but that could pass off for those with an option, not for a Chibi mother who has been nursing her terminally ill son for years.

There is a bond which looks stronger than any force.

Between mother and son who have only looked up to each other after the father abandoned them, these two have known very few moments of laughter in their lifetime.

Chengetai Chihwe said her son who is now 5 was diagnosed with a condition known as “water on the brain’.

When she needed money for bus fare she had to sell her only goat just to take her son to Harare.

There is no childhood sparkle on young Tanaka Zakariya’s face who is doing ECD B at Chehaya Primary School.

As days come and go Tanaka’s mother prays it won’t be late that one day she will find treatment for her child.