It has been a difficult time for one Silent Mapeta who has spent over two and a half years living at a bus stop along Herbert Chitepo street in Harare.

In the heart of the capital city lies a bus stop which used to be very busy during the era when ZUPCO buses were the main providers of public transport.

It has been years since the urban buses went into oblivion and one feature of the urban bus system which has remained up to this day, ‘a bus stop shelter,’ has become a home for 35 year old Mapeta.

Hailing from Nyanga, Mapeta said he has been living for two and a half years at the bus stop located at corner Herbert Chitepo and 7th street.

Mapeta’s story of awaiting the processing of vehicle documents is difficult to understand and one cannot help but feel sympathy for the 35 year old who seems mentally unstable.

The evening chilly weather provides a great inconvenience but the man can only rely on a few pieces of wood for warmth.

The few minutes the ZBC News crew spent with Mapeta were perhaps a moment to reflect and appreciate the privilege of having a roof over one’s head and call for those with the heart to assist such homeless people.