mall of zimbabwe launch 13-10-11.pngThe Acting President, Cde Joice Mujuru has unveiled a multi-million dollar project dubbed the ‘Mall of Zimbabwe’ in Borrowdale, which is expected to become the biggest shopping centre and hub of commercial activities in the country.  

The historic development will see Zimbabwe boasting of the largest commercial development in Africa, a US$100 million project that is set to become the biggest shopping centre in the country and the second of its kind in the region.

Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony held at the site in Borrowdale, Cde Mujuru warned foreign investors to make hay while the sun still shines as they risk loosing vast investing opportunities to willing and faithful partners of the world.

“May I take this opportunity to invite other potential investors who may still be sitting on the fence to consider concluding their business deals while competition is still manageable,” she said.

vp joice mujuru mall of zimbabwe launch 13-10-11.pngThe colourful ground-breaking ceremony was attended by a cross-section of stakeholders and representatives of three investors behind the project who were quick to describe Zimbabwe as a safe destination for investment. 

Under the joint venture between government and the three investors, 45 000 hectares of land have been allocated by the City of Harare for the establishment of the Mall of Zimbabwe which is expected to accommodate 130 shops and recreational centres at its completion.

Work is expected to commence mid next year and if all works according to plan, it will take 14 to 16 months for the mall to come become a reality.