wellington gadzikwa.pngPolitical analysts say the recent coup in the West African state of Mali will be a litmus test for the African Union’s capability to solve disputes after the continental body’s track record of failing to address political challenges in Africa.

While international condemnation continues to grow following the coup in Mali, observers have called on the AU to deal with the issue decisively.

AU has since suspended Mali’s membership and political analyst, Mr Wellington Gadzikwa (left) says there is need for the continental body to play a leading role in the West African country if Africa is to take care of its own affairs.

alexander rusero.pngAnother analyst, Mr Alexander Rusero (right) says Mali should open a new page for how Africa deals with its problems.

AU has previously failed to come up with any meaningful solution to African challenges.

Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has also lambasted the current crop of leaders in Africa who have failed to take a principled stance in coming up with viable solutions for their people.