julius-malema1.jpgSouth Africa’s ANC Youth League President Cde Julius Malema and his delegation have visited the bombed Avondale house at No. 31 Lincoln together with ZANU-PF youth league officials and senior party officials.



The house, is where Joe Qabi, an ANC Chief Representative, was killed by the Boer regime in 1983 during South Africa’s war of liberation, by a bomb that partially destroyed it.


ZANU-PF senior Youth Leader Cde Saviour Kasukuwere narrated the history of the bombing to Malema and his delegation.


Cde Kasukuwere said the house is symbolic of the struggle that the two countries went through.


He said the house shows how merciless the Boers were as they pursued all ANC leaders in hiding in other countries.


Cde Malema said the house signifies the long history of the struggle that the two countries went through together  adding such visits reconnect the spirit of those who died in the struggle for liberation,  with the people.


He said it is important that the youth visit such places to appreciate and honour those who fought in the liberation struggle.

Cde Malema has also toured the National Heroes Acre in Harare.


Cde Malema has called for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and criticised the western imperialists for using their economic muscle to try and effect regime change on the country.


He commended ZANU-PF for remaining resolute even during trying times and said the youths from his country have been inspired by the party’s resistance to imperialist influence and will learn lessons from Zimbabwe’s land re-distribution programme.


Cde Malema said the purpose of his visit is mainly to share ideas with fellow ZANU-PF youths and to strengthen relations between the two parties.


He said the two youth wings represent the future hence the need to liaise and share ideas and views.


Cde Malema, who is well known for his un-apologetic push for youth empowerment, is expected to hold a youth rally in the capital and tour some farms and mines to have an appreciation of the struggle that the country has gone through in its quest to empower the majority.