Malawi is seeking increased bilateral trade with Zimbabwe in line with a SADC trade protocol that seeks to boost industrialisation of economies.

The proposed increase in bilateral trade systems are mainly aimed at balancing the level of trade between the two countries.

The First Secretary of Trade for the Malawi embassy in Zimbabwe Dr Sanderson Kuyeli says despite several Zimbabwean companies having invested in Malawi, there is also need to focus on industrial cooperation.

“We are really being concerned with the level of trade but we hope this can be changed or shifted to all several firms to boost their investments and unlock value for growth in the short to long term,” said Dr Kuyeli.

Dr Kuyeli says the SADC industrialisation plan has also provided a platform for his country to embrace some of the industrial systems within Zimbabwe as part of efforts to increase industrial growth.

Malawi’s primary exports to Zimbabwe according to ZIMSTAT, include sugar, rice, cotton, natural rubber, sorghum and oil seeds.

From Zimbabwe, Malawi imports iron and steel, cement, leather, processed foods, furniture and pharmaceuticals, among others.