Government efforts to control the deadly malaria disease in the hot-spots like Gokwe, Binga, Lupane and Nkayi are yielding positive results as some of the areas are now at pre-elimination stage.

The period from November to June last year has been a nightmare to the health services sector as it tries to control the devastating effects of the anopheles mosquito spread disease.

Government malaria disease control programmes like spraying and distribution of mosquito nets have been commended for the recorded achievements against the disease in areas like Lupane and Nkayi as they now celebrate the pre-elimination stage.

Nkayi district district medical officer Dr Thabani Moyo said; “In the yesteryears’, Nkayi was one of malaria hot-spots where many people lost lives especially during the wet season. However, now we are celebrating the pre-elimination stage as we have recorded very low numbers like six patients per annum. This success can be attributed to the disease control programmes like spraying and distribution of mosquito nets”.

“We really commend efforts to control the effects of malaria in the area, as government we shall strive to continue fighting with an intention to win the battle against malaria in these hotspots. It is necessary for people to use mosquito nets as recommended by the health services department,” said Nkayi south legislator Ms Stars Mathe.

Nkayi citizens said such a progress is a cause for celebration as the rainy season is no longer a scary period as they have benefitted knowledge and resources from anti-malaria campaigns.

Recently, the national malaria burden has declined from over one million cases per year to just about 500 cases per annum.