books.jpgRenowned and award winning author Charles Makari has lamented the decline of the reading culture among Zimbabwean youths and says he is keen to see the growth and the consolidation of a reading culture in the country which should start with school children.



The veteran author who wrote such famous Shona novels such as Sarura Wako, Zvaida Kushinga and Magamba Echimurenga among others in the 1970s says due to the increase in technology the world over there has been a decline of reading culture in Zimbabwe.


Most of Makari’s books which were written and published in the 1970s were used as school set books for “O” levels and “A” level classes.In his 1971 book Sarura Wako, Makari employs a lot of humor as he narrates the story of an old woman, Shuvai who betrothed her orphaned grand daughter to three men. The main characters are Shuvai and Chipuvire.
Zvaida Kushinga which was published in 1985 is a story of the trials and truibulations of Zimbabwe’s liberations struggle. Magamba Echimurenga- Josiah Tungamirai which was published in 2003 is a biography of the late Chief Air Marshal and national hero.


His latest book ”Imam Khomeni: The rising star” which he wrote after being inspired by Iran’s spiritual leader having visited the Persian country, was published in 2009.


The former director of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe said students at various levels should be encouraged to read both fiction and non-fiction novels so that they can increase their knowledge as far as literature is concerned.


Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate on the African continent but the young generation has not embraced books in vernacular posing a threat to the continuity of the country’s rich culture.