makandiwa emmanuel.jpgEvangelist and self proclaimed prophet, Emmanuel Makandiwa is missing in action at the ongoing “Catch the fire” conference currently underway at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Makandiwa’s absence at the conference, which ends this Sunday, is conspicuous and adds flesh to allegations that the prophet could have fled the nation.

Makandiwa, who was expected to be the main attraction at the highly advertised conference which began in the capital on the 15th, has failed to turn up from his England retreat where he was alleged to be meeting his spiritual father.

Makandiwa’s absence at the conference has left his counterpart and fellow pastor, Vutabwashe and another Ugandan apostle, Robert Kanjaya to minister to his congregation. 

Although he was only supposed to be the guest speaker, his absence is being felt by church members.

The evangelist is alleged to have left the country in a huff together with his family after his phone top up project allegedly turned sour.

Questions as to whether the prophet could have abandoned his flock are being raised from different sections of the society and with the curtain coming down on the conference this Sunday.