zoc.jpgThe Zimbabwe Olympic Committee’s 13-15 ‘fun and fresh athletics programme’ this Tuesday received a major boost after a local dairy manufacturer chipped in with a 3-year sponsorship package.

The sponsorship deal, worth over US$30 000 is set to immensely benefit the 13-15 athletics explosion programme, an IAAF initiative which the Olympafrica Centre is implementing through the Olympafrica Foundation programme.

Speaking at the unveiling of the sponsorship contract, the company’s Managing Director Thompson Mabika pledged to play a part in nurturing young athletes.

“Our mission is not only to contribute to the health of consumers by providing nutritious foods, but to help in moulding healthy and fit athletes. It is against this background that we have come together with the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee to run this project dubbed the 13-15 fun ‘n fresh athletic explosion,” said Mabika.

Zimbabwe Olympic Committee president, Admire Masenda expressed gratitude for the kind gesture and highlighted the significance of the sponsorship agreement.

“I’d like to thank Dairibord for appreciating the impact that ZOC and the 13-15 fun ‘n fresh athletics programme has had to our community and made a wise decision to come on board to partner ZOC,” Masenda said.

The 13-15 athletics programme has proven to be a fruitful and enriching project which systematically addresses the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee’s Long Term Winning Strategy.

The pilot project was successfully run last year through the Olympic Sports Centre and benefited over 7 000 participants.

The success of the programme has compelled the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee to expand its reach to target over 11 000 young athletes this year, which is where the sponsorship will come in handy.