Zimbabwe’s agricultural productivity is set to be further enhanced by the introduction of the electronic farmer data management system initiated through the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) to plug the leakages of agricultural inputs and consumables.

The country now boasts of around 300 000 A1 farmers who are accessing agricultural inputs and consumables through government funded public programmes.

Through the TSP, the government is targeting to strengthen control and monitoring systems over the special agriculture production initiative inputs supply to plug leakages along the distribution chain.

Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) Chairperson, Mr Basil Nyabadza said such a positive management tool is a masterstroke that will ensure maximum production in the agricultural sector.

A economic analyst, Mr Prosper Chitambara said currently, 60 percent of agricultural output feeds into the manufacturing sector as raw materials and the eradication of leakages will see sustained growth of the economy.

The TSP document highlights that heavy reliance on government support for the special agriculture production initiative will be gradually reduced as initiatives to enhance private sector support gather momentum.

Smart agriculture technology is now being implemented the world over and Zimbabwe has joined the bandwagon.