harare-magistrates-court.03.09.10.jpgThe Magistrates Association of Zimbabwe has called off the crippling 4 day strike by Magistrates over poor salaries, citing the devastating effects the strike has had on the nation.

The call by the association comes after 4 days of negotiations involving the Judicial Services Commission and the Chief Magistrate to come up with solutions to the strike. No agreement has however been reached by the Magistrates and their employer.

Operations of the justice delivery system have been paralysed by the unavailability of the Magistrates at their work places, with arrested persons reportedly overcrowding the ZRP holding cells, and persons awaiting trial confused about their trial dates.

The Magistrates Association of Zimbabwe’s Secretary General, Mr. Munamato Mutevedzi said even though their demands have not yet been met, the plight of the public remained their major concern as judicial officers, hence they were urging all striking Magistrates to return to work with immediate effect.

Judicial Services Commission’s Deputy Secretary, Mr. Rex Shana said whilst negotiations continue they are engaging various stakeholders to come up with funds to meet the demands of the judicial officers.   

Magistrates went on strike on Monday the 4th of April demanding salary increments of between US$ 1 000 to US$3 000 depending on seniority.