strike ed.jpgHundreds of workers at Modzone textiles in Chitungwiza have downed tools demanding to be paid their outstanding salaries dating back to January this year.

When ZBC News visited Modzone textile factory in Chitungwiza, hundreds of employees where on a sit-in demanding to be paid their outstanding salaries.

The workers alleged that they have not been paid since January this year, adding that they urgently need money to pay fees for their children since schools are re-opening next week.

Speaking off camera, Modzone Textiles Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tararama Gutu said the company is now contemplating retrenching some of its employees as it is facing some challenges.

He could not elaborate further as to what sort of challenges the textile company is facing.

The coming back on stream of Modzone Enterprises (formerly Cone
Textiles) in Chitungwiza and Norton had been seen as a boost to the
Zimbabwean economy as it created employment and increased exports to the region and to Europe.

For the past few years, there had been a substantial number of closures in the textile and clothing sector due to illegal sanctions imposed on the country by Britain and its allies.

After the company’s reopening in 1997, a total of 1800 people were employed at the two factories, which have been liquidated after cone textiles failed to service a huge debt of Zd400-million, leaving its 6000 workers redundant.