xd45compside.jpgHarare magistrate, Mr. Morgan Nemadire has ruled that Lovemore Madiziyawo who is facing charges of armed robbery has a case to answer.


This follows an application for discharge at the close of the state’s case.

Regional magistrate, Mr. Morgan Nemadire dismissed the application saying the accused must explain his handling of the fire arm.


In his application for discharge, Madiziyawo, who is alleged to have supplied the gun that was used in the robbery case of ZB Bank Juliasdale Branch in Nyanga this year, is denying the charges.


In his earlier applications for bail at the High Court, which were however dismissed, Madiziyawo had mentioned that he had cooperated with the police and has assisted in the apprehension of the robbers, arguing that he was not involved in the robbery case.


In his lengthy submissions at the close of the State’s case, Prosecutor, Mr. Michael Reza said without Madiziyawo’s active participation in supplying the gun, the direct perpetrators would not have traveled to Nyanga with sticks and stones to rob the bank.


Mr. Reza told the court that the fact that the gun, which is now used as exhibit NO. 1 in court, belongs to Madiziyawo and was recovered from a dam by the Police Sub-aqua Unit is enough evidence to show that the accused wanted to conceal evidence.


The much publicised Nyanga armed robbery claimed the life of a police officer, Sergeant Joseph Maximus during a shoot out between the armed robbers and the officers in Harare.


The perpetrators were arrested within a short space of time.