The macadamia plants in Chipinge are now known as the green diamond due to the high demand of macadamia nuts internationally.

The nuts’ high demand internationally is greatly improving economic activities in the Eastern border district and nationally, through improving foreign currency inflows.

A macadamia nuts farmer in his own right, Chipinge East legislator and Deputy Minister of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services, Dr Win Mlambo said farmers in the district should prioritise the growing of macadamia nuts to improve foreign currency inflows and boost their operations.

Chipinge Macadamia Nuts Association Secretary, Mr James Maisiri said growing macadamia nuts has proved to be viable business for most farmers, adding that the Zimbabwean nut is rated among the best internationally.

Mr Maisiri also said the value of the nuts has seen the influx of thieves, stealing the produce from farmers, a situation he said requires deterrent measures.

Macadamia nuts can be eaten in raw form or can be processed into various products that include cooking oil, chocolates and perfume with the shells being used to make furniture, among other uses.