In 1999 an abandoned child at the Africa Unity Square got a mother and a home.

This was the beginning of the story of Mrs Irene Gwaze who is now taking care of 25 children in a two roomed house in Mabvuku.

From taking care of a single victim Mrs Gwaze’s love for vulnerable and abandoned children has never wilted.

Now looking after 25 children, all she has is abundant love and sharing the little she has including her small home with the children.

Neighbours confessed their love for the family and for Mrs Gwaze who has managed to stand by the children despite the economic hardships.

But it was one special Saturday (yesterday) this weekend as some good Samaritans led by the ZBC Radio Zimbabwe team descended on her home to shower her family with goodies.

ZBC head television and radio services, Mrs Tendai Madondo called on other corporates to come on board to help towards providing decent accommodation for the orphanage.

The good Samaritans donated food stuffs and clothes among other items but the issue of accommodation remains a major challenge needing urgent address.