president mugabe 25.10.10.jpgMabvuku based musical band, Mabvazuva Chimurenga Crew, which is led by artist and vocalist, Edmore Chapotoka, has released a musical album and DVD titled ‘Makorokoto’ as part of celebrations to mark President Robert Mugabe’s 88th birthday.

President Mugabe turned 88 on the 21st of February and the Mabvuku based group decided to honour him with a musical album entitled ‘Makorokoto Gushungo,’ which is both on DVD and CD.

The DVD album consists of two songs, ‘Makorokoto’ and ‘Dai Maiziva.’

All the songs were written by Edmore Chapotoka and are a timely reminder of the importance of solidarity in the face of imperialist machinations.

The group, whose video has been flighted on a number of occasions on ZBC TV, comprises eight artists whose vocals are spiced up with instruments.

Chimurenga music relies heavily on traditional instruments for inspiration.

In the two tracks, Makorokoto and Dai Maiziva, rhythms and melodies from traditional instruments are replaced by a guitar and are mixed with a political and moral message.

The group is currently working on another album entitled ‘Inzwai Inzwi.’