Lupane District and non-governmental organisation, World Vision, are looking to deepen partnership in developmental projects with over US$9.4 million having been so far channelled to the district by the organisation over the past 16 years.

Partners in the implementation of the Lupane Area Development Plan are working on scaling up the education, agriculture, health and nutrition interventions in areas such as Gwampa, Daluka, Jibajiba and Lake Alice.

The National Director for World Vision Zimbabwe, Mr Emmanuel Isch hailed the achievements made so far under the development plan and challenged stakeholders to sustain all the projects.

“We were able to achieve this with the community and other government stakeholders, as we leave we want to make sure that the work done is sustainable and continued,” said Mr Isch.

One of the major developments was the construction of Lake Alice Clinic using the latest standard clinic plan which comprises of antenatal and neonatal ward, male and female ward, EHT office and a waiting mothers’ shelter which came as relief to Lupane community who were walking about 50km to St Luke’s Hospital, the only nearest health facility in the area.

“We are grateful, particularly for the construction of the clinic, which has enabled the community to easily access medical attention, immunisation and HIV testing which was the main reason behind both children and adult mortality,” Mr Isch said.

To date the programme has seen the rehabilitation and construction of over 20 schools’ infrastructure, completion of Makhovula Irrigation Scheme and creation of strong collaboration with Agritex and the Vets Department.

The programme closes on 30 September 2018.