A bogus police man will rue the day that he decided to make money using unorthodox means, when an alert motorist sensed something fishy and demanded to see positive identification.

It all started with two thieves who decided to make easy money by masquerading as policemen.

The duo approached private taxi operators who ply the City-Parirenyatwa route along Leopold Takawira Street in Harare and pounced on an unsuspecting motorist and forcibly removed the car keys from the ignition.

Their intention was to drive away with the car but the observant motorist demanded to see their identification particulars which the two pretenders failed to produce.

The infuriated car owner with the help of other motorists ganged up and demanded to see I. D. cards from the two bogus police officers.

One of the conman sensed danger and took to his heels.

However, his partner in crime was not so lucky as motorists and passersby pounced on him.

By the time a genuine police officer arrived, the bogus cop had already been given a thorough hiding.

In as much as mob justice has less emphasis on ascertaining facts before the delivery of judgement, the bogus cop will discover that the adage, “crime does not pay,” goes beyond just occurring in fiction stories.