A group of local doctors from Parirenyatwa Hospital have set a world record in the medical field after successfully operating the biggest kidney mass, a clear testimony of local doctors’ ability to perform delicate operations.

Milcah Gwatirika (48) could not hide her joy as she praised the doctors at Parirenyatwa Hospital as she narrated her ordeal which turned into relief after the successful operation.

“I started noticing this around 2008 and my tummy kept growing. I was so scared. I wanted to try doing the operation in South Africa, but was convinced that local doctors could do it. Media downplayed us with their reports, but today I’m happy because I now have confidence that our doctors can do it too,” said Gwatirika.

A representative of the team of the urologists who conducted the procedure, Dr Shingirirai Meki said the operation of kidney cancer was a rare and dangerous case, and the first to be recorded in the world.

“This is a rare and risky operation we undertook. It is the biggest kidney tumor ever to be recorded in the world. We did the operation here at Parirenyatwa, together with other doctors and managed to successfully remove the tumor weighing 12.3 kg with a dimension of 33 cm by 30 cm,” said Dr Meki.

Gwatirika has seen her weight dropping from 72 to 62 kg, following the successful operation which was done on the 31st of July.

Gwatirika has been living with a kidney tumor for a decade that ended up weighing 12.3 kg.