immunise.jpgThe Harare City Council’s health department has expressed concern over the decreasing numbers of infants who are receiving vaccinations a situation which might reverse government’s successes in trying to eradicate the six child killer diseases.


Government and other stakeholders in the health sectors’ efforts to eradicate the six child killer diseases might be reversed as the number of children being immunised is decreasing.

Harare City Council Health Director, Dr Stanley Mungofa said a sad trend is developing where for some time now mothers are failing to have their children vaccinated despite adequate medication being available.

Almost every child who is born at a formal health institution receives BCG which is the first shot of vaccination administered soon after birth.
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At three months the child is expected to get another dose and the sequence is supposed to continue up to the age of five.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa that have made significant progress in reducing infant mortality.

Although some sections of the society are still finding it difficult to take their children for vaccinations, government has made efforts to reach out to all through vaccination programmes.