Learning to see an imperfect person perfectly is the hallmark of true love and this has been the foundation upon which a mentally challenged couple from rural Hwange has managed to build their seven year old marriage which has been blessed by three kids.

Misheck Ncube is a 40 year old mentally challenged patient who always thought he would never love anyone and that nobody would be able to feel the void in his heart, but it all changed when he met Lillian Ncube of Jambezi who is also mentally challenged.

The couple’s union has surprised many villagers.

Theirs is a remarkable story of love, sorrow, pain and misfortune.

Misheck does most of the household chores and is happy with it as long as he shares his life with Lillian whom he described as a soul mate and a true friend.

The Jambezi villagers who have witnessed the couple’s union grow with each passing year admit the Ncubes’ marriage is an envy of many describing it as a relationship so pure, honest and true.

Blessed with three children the couple is struggling to make ends meet and survive on the generosity of society.

The squalid conditions they live in have exposed them to health risks.

The couple shares its ‘bedroom’ with their three children who are also in need of clothes, school fees, food and health care services.

A teacher to the oldest son Gideon who is in grade one at St Michael Mbizha said Gideon is a slow learner and fears are the sorry conditions he is staying in might affect his performance.

The wickedness of human nature has however tried to destroy the couple by taking advantage of Lillian’s condition and allegedly forcing her to be intimate with them for a few coins.

Despite their misfortunes and pains, the mentally challenged couple say their love remains unbreakable and announced to this crew that they intend to tie the knot come December 2018.

With Valentine’s Day approaching perhaps some can learn a lesson from the Ncube’s and that love is not about finding a perfect person but rather loving an imperfect person perfectly.

Those wishing to assist the family can contact Sister Plaxedese Ndlovu on 0779 304 996.