Living in a world where there is reliance on their partner to move from one point to the next whilst the other has to be directed as they cannot see is the daily existence of one Sakubva couple.

ZBC News explores a touching story of how a Mutare couple has indeed illustrated that love can indeed find a way.

Imagine a world where you rely on another person to constantly inform you where to go and when to reach out to touch whatever objects you have to make use of.

Visualise too, having to rely on someone’s legs when you have to travel from one point to the next.

This is the true life story of a Sakubva couple, Tedius and Eunice Mufute whose inability to walk and see has led to a union that commenced at a church youth conference in Masvingo.

“We met at a church conference in Masvingo in 2010. From then on that is when we decided that we could be a couple and live our life together,” said Eunice.

Despite theirs being a touching love story, Tedius said they face a number of challenges.

His wheelchair now needs to be replaced, renovations are also required to the Sakubva House which they share with Tedius’ siblings as well as money for a chicken rearing project they want to initiate for sustenance.

“We have problems in moving from one point to the other. Sometimes I may tell my wife to go right and she turns left as we try and cross the road which proves problematic. I also need a new wheelchair as well as assistance to start a chicken rearing project,” said Tedius.

For assistance, Tedius Mufute who resides at 138 Old Chisamba in Sakubva can be contacted on mobile number 0773 005 572.