For fashion lovers, the current biting chilly weather has forced them to temporarily throw away all fashion consciousness as they seek to protect themselves from the effects of the cold weather.

In the process, the long overcoat jacket has emerged the trending attire.

Winter is upon us and its presence too often heralds a raid into old suitcases stashed with jerseys, boots, coats and woollen hats.

In the freezing temperatures, all fashion consciousness is lost by many, as the search for warm attire overrides all thinking.

In the process, the long overcoat becomes trendy.

While tradition has held the long overcoat with certain sentiments, the extreme weather partners born out of climate change has brought consensus on the need for one to own a long jacket.

It appears the chilly bite has also compromised the thought process as some are even risking their health by wearing second hand clothes even without having them washed.

The onion like dressing is certainly set to continue considering winter is indeed still upon us.

To add to the warm attire will be heavy meals whose effects will pose yet another headache come summer when many will find themselves struggling to shed off excess weight.